Features of Cardiac Signals remote data management of cardiac devices for your Cardiology practice


Cardiac Signals Is Easy to Use

Cardiac Signals ™ is a cloud-based platform that is built upon a Federally certified platform which meets HIPAA and FIPS standards. Older, on-premise ‘server based’ solutions incur significant ongoing IT expense, including server hardware, licensing, IT support along with complex vendor contracts and licensing restrictions. In contrast, Cardiac Signals is simple and easy to implement and use. Contact us today.


Audit-Proof Your Billing with Real-Time Indicators for Any Missing Review Documentation

Cardiac Signals clearly displays the end of each monitoring period along with a clear indicator that appropriately signed documentation has been obtained for each monitoring period.


Alert Notifications

Cardiac Signals displays all alerts sent by device manufacturers. You can flag individual transmissions as "Urgent" to ensure they are identified and managed in your workflow as top priorities. Additionally, you can set bookmarks inside transmission reports to enable providers to see the important results without them having to scroll through all the pages and reports contained in the transmission.


Improve Efficiency - Save Time and Labor

All transmissions are automatically downloaded 24/7/365 from device manufacturers. With our advanced filtering capabilities Cardiac Signals enables you to manage your daily workflow in a manner that best suits your practice needs. Additionally, you can filter to identify updates that require follow-up actions, such as contacting patients for symptom checking.


Effortless Billing

Cardiac Signals automatically identifies all billing opportunities on a daily basis and optimizes for maximum reimbursement of remote monitoring services. We provide a complete billing report or optionally can post billing to your revenue cycle management system.

See How Much Revenue You May Be Missing

For a free analysis and report of your practice to see if you are capturing all potential revenue, please click on the button or contact us.