About Lille Group, Inc.

Our Mission - To provide healthcare software and technology solutions that improve patient care, reduce costs, and enable healthcare professionals to work most effectively, saving lives. We strive to be a trusted company that customers can depend on with world class customer service.

Our Company History - Lille Group was founded in 1998 by Jordan Rosen, CEO who has guided the company for over two decades. Lille Group was an early innovator in utilizing Linux and other open source technology for software solutions and developed one of the first cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) systems. Over the years, Lille Group has stayed at the forefront of medical software and technology solutions. In addition to our EHR escribeHOST™ software suite we now provide cloud-based software and multiple services to a global healthcare marketplace. We combine innovation with the latest technology to enable our customers to capture critical patient information easily by improving workflow allowing clinicians to spend more time with their patients.

Our Experience - Lille Group developed the escribeHOST™ technology platform and uses this unique system as a key component for comprehensive EHR technology solutions for medical practices.
Lille Group's list of Federal certification criteria can be found here: https://chpl.healthit.gov/#/listing/10243.

In 2018, CEO Jordan Rosen was invited to join the Heart Rhythm Society Interoperability Workgroup to further the development of the ‘IEEE 11073-10103-2012’ standard which seeks to create a common data export standard for CIED data export across all device manufacturers. Recently, Lille Group released Cardiac Signals the new, innovative cloud-based solution for cardiac device data management for remote device monitoring. Cardiac Signals allows medical professionals to meet the HRS Class I standard of care, improving patient outcomes, increases the productivity of medical professionals and enables monitoring providers and IDTFs to capture all billable events.

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